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Oneder The Sea First Birthday Invitation

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Our Oneder The Sea First Birthday Invite is an editable template, ready for you to edit and change to make it the perfect invite for your little ones birthday party or event.

This is a digital product - no physical item will be posted.


What's Included

· 5x7" Invitation Template (edited through Templett - size cannot be changed).

· Instructions / Terms of Use document - Please read before use.

· Open/edit template up to 10 times and access the template for up to 3 months after purchase.

Demo: Try this design before you buy

· Try out this design before purchasing:

· Copy the link above to view the demo version.

· Basic editing on phone/tablet.

· Full editing on computer/laptop.

What CAN be edited

· You can edit most if not all of the text
(see listing photos for info on what's not editable on this specific
design), add more text, edit the text size, colours or font,

· Add photos / pictures.

What CANNOT be edited

· The document size and orientation can't be changed.

· Background graphics cannot be changed / moved.

How To Order & What To Expect

· Add item to basket.

· Check you have access to your email account (don't use Apple ID login).

· Purchase item(s).

· Templett will email a link over to your purchase (this may take approx 15 minutes).

· Click the link in your email to access, create account/log in (free for all users).

· Edit up to 10 times / access for up to 3 months after purchase.

· Download your design ready to print or send digitally.

Accessing templett

· For new users please wait to receive your email, then you will be
prompted to create an account, or you can log in to Templett using your
email address / Etsy order number.

· For existing users, log in
to Templett using the email linked to your Etsy account, the template
should have been automatically added to your account.

Printing At Home

· PDF - recommended for best results, select 300dpi for a high resolution version of your design.

· Option to add bleed, trim marks and print multiple per page.

· Cardstock - we recommend 300gsm/110lb in A4 or US Letter size.

· Envelopes - UK: 5x7" (183mm x 133mm) or US: A7 (5.25 x 7.25").

· Printer settings - select 100% or Actual Size.

· Cut to size.

Printing Professionally

Check with your supplier what format they require (we cannot provide
any other file formats, other than those available in Templett).

· Check if they require bleed / trim marks.

· Send to a local print shop, send it to them via email or take it in on a USB drive.

· Use an online printers.
- If in the US we recommend using Prints of Love with our affiliate link:
- If in the UK we recommend using: Printed, Solopress or Instantprint

Sending Digitally

· JPEG - recommended for best results, select 96dpi for a low resolution
web version of your design (can also select 300dpi for higher res
version but it will be a bigger file size).

· Send via text, email, Facebook message, WhatsApp etc.

Terms of Use

· Personal use only - you are allowed to use it for your own personal
use. This listing/templates cannot be used for commercial use or
redistributed/resold. Misuse will result in access to the file being

· Expiration - all our products have a usage limit /
expiration time frame. See at the top of this listing description for
details specific to this item.

· Copyright - all our products/designs are the property of ©Studio One48.

Refund Policy

· As our products are instant / digital downloads, we do not offer any refunds, exchange or returns.

· Any questions about this item, please contact us before purchasing so we can help advise you.

All our invitations have been lovingly designed, ready for you to edit online in Templett, typically within 10 minutes

We recommend editing your invitations using a desktop or laptop, but basic editing can be done using a phone or tablet.